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Bmx team LK66 succesvol op het EK bmx 2018 Sarrians , Frankrijk.

Onder zeer zware omstandigheden vond het EK bmx 2018 plaats in Sarrians

Gewijzigde openingtijden 2019 ivm onze betrokkenheid bij de bmx en mtb sport

Net zoals in 2018 hebben wij ook in 2019 afwijkende openingstijden. Bmx oftewel fietscross is de passie van ons gezin en dat vertaalt zich in twee talentvolle rijders Nick en Ryan Roelofs, die door heel Nederland en Europa hun wedstrijden rijden. Daarnaast ben ik, Marton Roelofs, als eigenaar van Martonbikes ook actief op de mountainbike door het rijden van Mountainbike Marathons... zo kunnen wij U nog beter adviseren bij Uw aankopen in onze speciaalzaak, door onze ervaringen en kennis direct met U te delen.

Vernieuwde openingstijden

Nieuwe openingstijden vanaf 1 mei 2017

Na ruim vijf jaar nog altijd gek op fietsen.

Martonbikes is een fietsenwinkel met passie voor de fiets en het fietsen.

Martonbikes officieel pedalcenter van Crankbrothers pedalen.

Martonbikes is nu ook Crankbrothers pedalcenter.

Nick Roelofs succesvol op EK bmx, Orleans Frankrijk.

Op de eindronden EK bmx in Orléans Frankrijk, het bmx mekka, heeft bij de boys 14 jaar Nick Roelofs de finale gehaald. Op zich een prima prestatie.

Bmx Team LK 66 pakt twee maal goud op het NK Bmx.

Onder gelukkig droge omstandigheden en niet te veel wind werd het Nederlands kampioenschap BMX, ook wel Fietscross genoemd, verreden op messchien wel de mooiste baan van Nederland in het hoge noordse Klazienaveen.

Succes vol fietscross seizoen van graafsche broertjes.

Nick en Ryan Roelofs hebben het seizoen 2011 succes vol afgesloten. Nu genieten ze even van hun wel verdiende rust. En gaan zich in januari 2012 weer voorbereiden op het nieuwe en drukke seizoen wat komen gaat.

Snelle broertjes naar het NK, EK en WK Bmx 2011.

De Graafse broers Nick en Ryan Roelofs hebben zich gekwalificeerd voor het NK Bmx te Baarn, EK Bmx in Haaksbergen en het WK Bmx in Kopenhagen.

Officiële opening Fietsplus Marton.

Op dinsdag 1 maart is de officiële opening van Fietsplus Marton in het centrum te Grave.

MartonBikes en VanNicholas The titanium companie.

VanNicholas Titanium bikes, nu ook verkrijgbaar bij MartonBikes.

MartonBikes en VanNicholas The titanium companie.

MartonBikes en VanNicholas The titanium companie.

MartonBikes en VanNicholas The titanium companie.

MartonBikes en VanNicholas The titanium companie.

MartonBikes en VanNicholas The titanium companie.

MartonBikes en VanNicholas The titanium companie.

MartonBikes en VanNicholas The titanium companie.

Why Ti?

At Van Nicholas we take the process of design, material selection and fabrication very seriously, creating the best product possible for the intended application: making bikes go fast. Here are just a few of the reasons why Van Nicholas frames are leading the industry in innovation and craftsmanship.

Nothing looks like Titanium

Titanium’s unique properties make it an excellent material for bicycle frame construction. Its high strength, low density, low modulus, excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance deliver a skeleton that is not only extremely strong and durable, but also incredibly lightweight.

Titanium does not break down, rust or corrode under any atmospheric conditions. Titanium is so resistant to corrosion it does not even need to be treated or painted. Some manufacturers do so. (Admittedly adding only a few grams. But, like dieters, top cyclists really do count every one.) Why do this, we ask? We simply brighten its natural colour by lightly brushing it. We love the finish this creates. Take a long look at it. Now you know how magnificent a material Titanium is to make bicycle frames with, doesn’t it seem to shine just that little bit more?

Nothing rides like Titanium

Similar to steel, Titanium has an in-built flexibility, only it is more pronounced. Therefore it is ever so slightly ‘springy’, which means it can absorb road vibration before it reaches the rider. (A Titanium seat post more or less eliminates it.)

Consequently, you feel like you are gliding across tarmac, even when riding hard. A recent review compared the sensation of riding the Van Nicholas Astraeus to the floating feeling you get from driving a Rolls Royce.

We hasten to add that the same writer heaped as much praise on the bike’s handling, after throwing it into corners with the sort of gusto that would have his licence revoked were he to attempt the same manoeuvres in a car.

Nothing lasts like Titanium

Unlike aluminium or carbon framesets, Titanium won’t ‘snap’ in an accident. This is because, like steel, it ‘gives’ a little. (In fact, Titanium is even more forgiving than steel, which is why its ride quality is so renowned.) Also, like steel, it is incredibly strong. But it is lighter. And it does not rust. Ever. This is one of the reasons why every Van Nicholas frame is guaranteed for the lifetime of its owner.

Van Nicholas uses two different Titanium alloys to construct our frames.

>     The traditional 3AL/2.5V Titanium tubing is the same high strength material used in the most advanced aerospace applications. It is drawn, seamless tubing that can be welded with the other tubes to form the bike frame. The tubes are cold-worked to provide additional strength to the material and the correct shaped tubing for the frame’s design. This creates an extremely lightweight and strong racing machine, where the geometry of the frame is tailored by working the tube sets to create the perfect ride.

>     The Astraeus utilises seamless hydroformed 3AL/2.5V double-butted Titanium tubing. This not only provides overall weight savings compared to traditional tubing, but also results in even less chance of failure.

In a traditional tube set maximum stress will happen at the weld because it is a Heat Affected Zone. For a butted tube, the maximum stress will be located away from the weld. The combination of butted tubes and 3AL/2.5V Ti have a significant advantage on weight, maximum ‘Von Mises’ Stress, deformation and safety factor over traditional tubes.

Titanium advantages

>    Titanium is one of the most environmentally friendly metals. The Titanium scrap we generate through manufacturing processes and in equipment fabrication is fully recyclable.

>    The combination of high strength and material formability gives Titanium a ride quality that is second to none. It’s stiff enough to prevent energy-loss through the tubing, but springy too, so road vibration is minimized enhancing comfort on long rides.

>    Titanium lasts longer because fatigue life and corrosion resistance is better than any other material used for frame building in the world. How many non-Titanium frames do you know of that are guaranteed for life?

>    Titanium has excellent strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios. Using thin walled 0.8/0.9mm Titanium tubing guarantees good fatigue life without sacrificing ride quality.

>    Titanium is not a fashion statement. Titanium will remain a premium - and therefore coveted - material because of the expense of the production processes required for manufacture and welding.

>    Every frame we make is custom drawn. Each tube set is designed to maximize strength and performance by using differing diameters of tubing, in addition to utilizing ovalization, and biaxial ovalized tubing.

>    Metals have better crash damage tolerance and can often be repaired. A few knocks in transit or racing do not normally create hidden damage issues that could shorten, or even end, the life of frames manufactured from other materials.


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